Fos Wear

  1. When the hoodie is fully transformed into a bag, will there be more space to put items inside?

    Yes! The bag is spacious enough to include all your daily essentials. There is also a pocket for your smartphone or like-size items.

  2. How to transform the hoodie into a bag?
    Follow these steps

  3. Will the hoodie be comfortable to use even if there is a bag attached to it?
    Yes, you won’t feel the bag when you use the hoodie so don’t worry.

  4. Why does the hoodie cost over 300k ?
    We value the quality of our product hence every hoodie and bag are produced with premium fabric to maximize comfort and experience. Our hoodie is made of 280gsm cotton cvc fleece and our water repellent bag is built with 280gsm scuba.

  5. Whom to contact for any inquiry about FOS products or business opportunities?
    You can contact us through email at or Whatsapp.