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2-in-1 Hoodie and Bag


FOS is established to provide you an innovative and creative solution to your daily lives.

Sometimes you want to take off your hoodie when it is hot outside, but your bag is not big enough so you end up carrying it around.

We have come to solve this hassle because now you can turn your hoodie into a bag whenever and wherever you want.

The bag is spacious and water repellent so you can safely store all your other belongings. Know more about us by clicking here



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Customer Review
In Love with This Inovation Bahan Premium dan bagus banget Sablonnya juga rapi ga ada yang pecah My best purchase since 2021 Must Have For Sure !!
Customer Review
Barangnya udah dateng seneng banget sama bahannya Tebel,comfy banget bisa dijadiin tas serut sekaligus, pas dijadiin tas juga bisa muat banyak high recommended for loves traveling
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